let the grape be the grape


We make wine from different Chilean valleys, with tremendous respect for the grape, using enology with minimal intervention and a certain creativity.  Our objective is to let the wine speak for itself and be capable of bringing joy and excitement to any table in the world.


Mauricio veloso

Mauricio Veloso, a Chilean agronomist from the Universidad Austral de Chile, has participated in wine harvests in California, Chile, and New Zealand.

Tasting wines in California, he fell in love with a couple of Spanish appellations. In 2006, he went to Spain to study oenology at the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid. After working in Appellations of Origin like El Bierzo, Ribera del Duero, and La Mancha, he returned to Chile in 2011.

He bottled the first vintage of Escándalo in Chile in 2015.

Jacqueline salah

IIn charge of sales and commercial relationships.
Jacqueline is an advertising professional specializing in marketing, but also a painter and a wine lover.

She has worked in newspapers and advertising agencies, and in the last few years she has organized cultural events, film festivals, and culinary events. 

Her love of wine, food (she´s a great cook), sense of humor, and experience as an artist mean  Jacqueline adds just the touch of spice that Escándalo needs.

our beliefs

We strive to make exciting wines and to represent the different areas that we get to know. We find inspiration daily in wines we drink, a new place we discover, and the people who live there. We are sure the grapes and wine take on a life of their own, and we only try to guide them along the correct path to the bottle.

We don´t have the last word, we aren´t the owners of the truth, and we don´t defend ideologies. To us, there is enough magic and nobility in transforming grapes into wine. That is all we are interested in protecting, and it is what we live for.



Honesty in our client dealings.

We strive to work with minimal environmental impact from cultivating the vineyards to packaging.

We visualize always maintaining a fair relationship with our suppliers in the future. 


The shoots of grapevines that have reached the new world transport the tales of an entire civilization, thousands of forgotten names that we can resuscitate with just a sip of wine and bring to life again, even if it is just for a moment. Wine is full of stories that continue their progress along a route formed by centuries of time and infinite distances.

To us, terroir is the convergence of these stories that have adapted to new places, new geography, creating a new musical score that we want to interpret freely. We only want to make the purest wines possible, respecting this land and the nature of each variety.

Our place is Chile, and we are proud to be able to participate in its winemaking history.




Harvesting by hand, careful fermentation, co-fermentation among varieties, delicate pressings, natural stabilization (with the winter cold). We don´t use enzymes, commercial yeasts, or any elements other than the grape.

Sometimes we use old barrels in a small percentage of the mixture. We age our wines in steel and cement. We always bottle without filtering after sedimentation by gravity.

Our wines contain only a low level of sulfites to allow the correct evolution of the wine in the bottle..

We drink and taste our wines every day, and we love them. We hope you will too.

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